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We at East West Interface (EWIplace ethics at the centre of our business values. Trust is carefully built up and maintained ensuring that all our business relationships are clear, stable and honest.


We incorporate elements of Eastern and Western business philosophies into our work by balancing the long-term nature of relationship building with short-term business objectives. We aim to recognise the inter-connected synergies within the projects we undertake and solve complex business issues intelligently and sensitively to benefit all stakeholders.


At EWI, we believe that equality is an essential underpinning of a civilised society and to that end, we work within our local community to support families who struggle to afford the costs of feeding their children in the school holidays.

Too many people think of their own profit. But business opportunity seldom knocks on the door of self-centred people.
Kazuo Inamori, Japanese entrepreneur, 1932-present
Capital must be propelled by self-interest; it cannot be enticed by benevolence.
Walter Bagehot, British Businessman and Journalist, 1826-1877
A lack of compassion is arguably the cause of humankind’s biggest failures.
Tania Singer, Max Planck Institute, Germany.

Goddess of Compassion 

Kuanyin/Kannon Sama

There are four ingredients in true leadership:  brains, soul, heart and good nerves.
 Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum.
Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.
Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher, 601 BC.
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