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At a time of great changes within Higher Education (the 2021 National Student Survey shows a significant fall in student satisfaction and a recent BBC report shows that International Students do not feel they are getting value for money at British universities),  it is more important than ever to make sure that academic course content is engaging and relevant and that the student experience is positive. Our support services use our unique blend of academic and business expertise to do just that.


East West Interface (EWI) can create and deliver innovative and relevant academic courses covering topics ranging from Cross-cultural Business Communications, East Asian Business and Society to Gender in International Business. MD Sarah Parsons has created and delivered many innovative courses delivered through hybrid learning platforms at many of the leading universities on diverse topics with exceptional levels of student engagement and satisfaction.

"Sarah's teaching has been fantastic. She has been able to transmit her enthusiasm and passion for the course to us and has been a very accessible lecturer at all times. I really appreciated how she went out of her way to involve guest speakers". 

(From a recent SOAS student survey on the Post Grad Module 'Doing Business with Chinese Firms'.)

See History for more information on Sarah's academic expertise.

East West Interface


A recent BBC article suggests that some international students do not feel they are getting value for money and want to learn more about how to communicate with local people and integrate into British life. It is also crucial that international students understand a different academic environment and different styles of working including online and/or blended learning to ensure engagement.


This package will ensure that students get the independent communication skills needed to:

a) navigate a culturally different academic environment that requires individuality and self-expression and b) integrate into UK life outside of the International Student cohort.

Through innovative, creative and engaging team-building content, students will practice the key communication skills needed for group projects (task allocation, time management, collaborative communication and decision making and effective presentation skills), to help them navigate team-based tasks within their degree and future job roles. They will also learn how to leverage their skills for employability within international business.  

This package can be delivered remotely using a variety of asynchronous platforms to ensure maximum engagement and longevity across the academic year. 

Students will ultimately develop a more in-depth understanding of the UK and of the British academic experience, will be more engaged with the university, which will in turn raise the reputation of the university to attract and retain International Students.

East West Interface
By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is the noblest; second is by imitation, which is the easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
Confucius, 551BC-479BC
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