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Book chapter in Routledge Book: Gender and the Sustainable Development Goals

Reimagining the Gender Roles within Japan to Achieve Sustainable Gender Equality


Sept 2022

Publication in East Asia Forum

Is gender still on the agenda in Japan?


November 2021

Contribution to Policy Report on Childcare and Early Years Education in Japan 

Childcare and Early Education Systems: A comparative literature review of liberal welfare states (


July 2022

Publication for UKTI 


Export to Japan 
website "A practical
Guide to Japan"


October 2015

BCCJ Acumen


Building Trust
Post Brexit


December 2016

Publication in Spotlight East Asia @ Sheffield University

UK Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA): The Real Deal


November 2021

BCCJ Acumen


Women at work


April 2016

Publication in Women in Leadership Publication

Gender Parity: 
Reinvention of Business
Culture & Norms


December 2017

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