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Understanding how to work with the Japanese

Unlike other businesses who offer market entry services, we don't just introduce you to partners in Japan giving you no idea how to nurture this relationship long-term. Instead, we make sure you really understand the Japanese and how they communicate in business so you can enjoy sustainable business there.

Our Experience

Our MD Sarah Parsons is an expert for the EU Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and has given presentations for the Department for International Trade in the UK. EWI have successfully worked with many Western businesses to build up their understanding of and reputation in Japan. See our projects for more information.

Services we offer

• Initial Market research where appropriate (we do NOT do mass cold calling to Japanese companies as they simply do not respond well to that!)

• Briefings/consultations on cross-cultural business communications

• Market entry/marketing/localisation advice.

• PR support with exhibiting at conferences/exhibitions 

• Recruitment support to get the best candidates when setting up an overseas or representative office. Training packages for on-boarding new Japanese staff, creation of communications strategy between HQ and Japanese staff. 

• Translation and Interpretation support for remote meetings and in person meetings. 

• Support with building up a network: we have a wide network of trusted contacts within Japan and the UK and will connect people where appropriate. However, our ultimate aim is to enable you to build up a network and long-term relationships in Japan. We can support you to communicate with potential clients/distributors in Japan.

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