East West Interface (EWI) has a long history of cross-cultural corporate management training with consistently excellent feedback for providing creative content and ensuring learning and engagement. Whether you need a cross cultural briefing as part of your staff training, more specific training and communications reviews or 1:1 sessions on dealing with specific cross-cultural business areas, we can provide the correct support for your organisation.


These explore the intricacies of cross-cultural business communications and is suitable for any organisation that wants to build-up cross-cultural intelligence and high-level communicational skills within their workforce. It can be delivered as part of your management training as a general introduction to cross-cultural communications or can be tailored to focus in on specific  areas: for example: post acquisition or pre-JV. 


Cross-cultural communicational differences occur at all levels of an organisation: between individuals on a team, on the executive board during a merger or even within your HR department communicating with HQ. 

We ensure that all your cross-cultural communications (teams working remotely, staff communicating with key personnel overseas) are optimised through careful observation and analysis so we can provide best practice advice and tailor training to suit your specific corporate context. See this case study example of a Communications Report we recently produced for a large Japanese MNE working with teams from both the Japanese HQ and European HQ, to increase cross-cultural collaboration and better project outcomes for engineers working across different processes.

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Companies wanting to globalise must develop leaders with cultural sensitivities and inter-cultural communication skills.

Harvard Business Review, 2012


Understanding Japanese Business Communications

suitable for SMEs, start-ups, businesses with Japanese clients, subsidiary staff of Japanese companies.

Understanding and Working in the UK

suitable for Chinese and Japanese executives (can include other cultures upon request). Covers communication skills needed for effective communications when working  with the British. Can be delivered 1:1 or to a group.

Whole team  communications training/support

suitable for cross-cultural teams wanting to  get the most out of their communications                                           

See our projects & testimonials for examples of where we have delivered this training