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Confirmed Expert for EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

We are delighted to have been confirmed as experts for delivering Market Access briefings on Japanese Business Culture to European SMEs from 2022-2024 through the EU Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation. We have successfully delivered similar briefings through the Department for International Trade and we also deliver more in-depth sessions for businesses wanting to understand the Japanese market. See our Projects & Testimonials page to read about some of the companies we have worked with at various points on their journeys with Japan, which include JVs, M&As, Western businesses with key Japanese clients/customers and Global Subsidiaries of Japanese MNEs.

Our over 20 years of experience with Japan tells us that to enjoy sustainable long-term business success with Japan, companies need to really understand how the Japanese operate-not just through soundbites or crude comparisons but through examining some of the core fundamental differences in how they would normally view business so they can be aware of some areas that cause misunderstandings and loss of business trust (some of which take many Western businesses by surprise). Using our unique blend of corporate and academic expertise, we introduce key cultural dimensions and apply these to different business activities such as decision making, presenting, getting buy-in, negotiating, forming trust and problem solving. We also include insights into areas such as corporate governance and Japanese business philosophies to really deepen the understanding. Most importantly, we make it fun and accessible using real life media stories and case studies. We are really looking forward to working with European SMEs.

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